Darci Lynne's Profile, Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationships, FAQs (2024)

Darci Lynne's Profile, Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationships, FAQs (1)

Darci Lynne Farmer, known professionally as Darci Lynne, is a young ventriloquist, singer, and actress from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She was born on October 12, 2004 to parents Misty and Clarke Farmer. Darci has three older brothers - Nick, Nate, and Dalton. She has lived in Oklahoma City for most of her life.

Darci's talent for ventriloquism was discovered at a very young age. When she was 9 years old, her parents gave her a puppet for Christmas which kickstarted her ventriloquism journey. At age 10, she started posting videos showcasing her ventriloquism skills on YouTube.

This garnered some attention locally, leading to performances at venues near her hometown. As of February 2024, Darci has grown her TikTok following to a whopping 4.8 million followers.


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Personal Information


Darci Lynne Farmer


19 Years

Profile name


Date of Birth

12 October 2004

Net worth

$8 Million

Years Active

2019 - Present


4.8 Million Followers




1.15 Million Subscribers


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma




Social Media Star, Singer, Ventriloquist




In 2017, at age 12, Darci auditioned for season 12 of NBC's America's Got Talent. Her ventriloquism act with her puppet Petunia wowed the judges and audience. She ended up winning the show, becoming the youngest winner and only the second female winner in AGT history at the time.

Winning AGT catapulted Darci's career to new heights. She started gaining a huge following on social media, especially on TikTok where she currently has over 4.8 million followers. Her comedy videos and impressive singing-ventriloquism combo clips often go viral. She also has over 1 million Instagram followers where she gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at her life.

Darci has also appeared on multiple TV shows like Little Big Shots, Today, and Ellen. She even got her own Christmas special called Darci Lynne: My Hometown Christmas on NBC. She continues to tour around the country for live shows, displaying her one-of-a-kind talent.

In 2019, Darci released her first full-length album called My Lips Are Sealed. The album features her beautiful singing voice along with her puppet friends. She shows off her versatility by singing in different genres like pop, Broadway, and country.

Net Worth

Thanks to her early success, Darci has amassed an impressive net worth at a young age. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. Winning AGT came with a $1 million prize. Her TV appearances, brand sponsorships, touring, album release, and social media presence also contribute to her income.

At just 18 years old, Darci has a bright future ahead with many more opportunities to grow her wealth.

Other Social Media Presence


Darci Lynne has a substantial presence on Instagram, boasting over 1,091,690 followers and an impressive engagement rate of 9.54%. Her posts typically receive around 10,416 likes and 235 comments on average, reflecting her strong connection with her audience. She shares a variety of content, including pictures featuring herself, friends, family, and loved ones, as well as engaging Reels showcasing her singing and ventriloquism talents.


Since joining YouTube in 2015, Darci Lynne has garnered 1.15 million subscribers and uploaded 210 videos, accumulating a total of 168,231,353 views. Despite varying monthly earnings, her content consistently generates a substantial yearly income, indicating a reliable revenue stream. She uploads a mix of content, including music videos, YouTube Shorts featuring trending dances, and captivating ventriloquism performances.

Personal Life

Outside of her entertainment persona, Darci Lynne Farmer is a regular teen who enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. She was born on October 12, 2004 which makes her 18 years old currently. She is very close with her three older brothers who have been incredibly supportive of her career over the years.

Not much is known about her relationships or dating life since she likes to keep that side of her life private. In interviews, Darci has mentioned that she enjoys other hobbies like swimming, reading, and crafting when she isn't ventriloquizing. She also loves playing with her puppets and coming up with new voices and characters.

Despite her rapid rise to stardom at such a young age, Darci seems to have stayed grounded thanks to her close-knit family. She continues to be an inspiration for aspiring young performers everywhere while displaying maturity and talent beyond her years. Her ventriloquism skills, singing voice, comedy timing, and overall stage presence make Darci Lynne Farmer one of the most unique and gifted entertainers today.

Darci Lynne’s Famous TikTok Videos

In this TikTok, Darci Lynne shows off her unique ventriloquism abilities by having a full blown conversation with herself!

In this TikTok, Darci Lynne shares a clip from the time she showed up to a full band open mic and absolutely killed it on stage!

In this Thanksgiving TikTok, Darci Lynne gets the whole family to take part in a trending challenge.

In this TikTok, Darci Lynne shares a throwback to when she was part of the halftime show at an ice hockey match.

Darci Lynne’s favourite puppet, Petunia, makes an appearance in this hilarious TikTok.


Q: Where is Darci Lynne from?

A: She is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Q: How did Darci Lynne get famous?

A: She gained national attention after winning season 12 of America's Got Talent in 2017 at age 12.

Q: What talent is Darci Lynne known for?

A: She is known for being a talented young ventriloquist and singer.

Darci Lynne's Profile, Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationships, FAQs (2024)
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